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What ails 90% of the Indian population is the problem of limited & fragmented access to primary healthcare services and even if accessible, availability of a doctor for a real time OPD consultation remains a question mark with waiting times even in big cities.

Many serious questions in healthcare remained unanswered and were not addressed: How can we cater to the remaining unattended population with fragmented primary healthcare and current form of telemedicine? Why can’t we help doctors provide remote consultation with the same confidence as good as in person OPD? What about other specialties like ENT, Derma, Cardiac etc. -how can they provide OPD remotely?

Two path breaking entrepreneurs in the healthcare space - Sanjeev and Siddharth decided to address this after leading successful ventures on their own. VDOC Clinics was formed to redefine and reimagine evidence-based healthcare in India like never before by answering these questions effectively and with the partnership of global leaders and experts in evidence- based telemedicine.

By enabling the existing healthcare network with evidence-based care capability at just fraction of the cost of traditional healthcare solutions, we can transform the existing healthcare setup into a fully equipped, multispecialty, 24x7 connected evidence-based healthcare facility. You can also create a proactive, holistic and highly capable facility from scratch without the cost structure of traditional healthcare. Alternatively, VDOC Clinics can do it all for you based on your needs.